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2016 Trends: The Year of the Bathroom

October 16, 2015 3:19 pmc
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2016 is going to be a big year for us, so it’s never too early to start thinking about and planning a bathroom refresh! While trends may come and go, these stunning ideas will give the bathroom a tidier look while also providing a timeless style that will last well beyond 2016.

Feature your floor

As in past years, feature floor tiles make a statement unlike any other. Using a feature floor tile provides a great design opportunity when there is no feature wall present.  By adding a pop of color throughout the floor pattern, you can bring in that color throughout your bathroom. Even in simple, smaller applications; this adds style to the room without overwhelming the space.


Urban Farmhouse

Metals are in and they are everywhere. If you go to local restaurants or shops, notice the metal and pipes being used in shelving, faucets, and holders. Metals are back in full force and we’re looking forward to embracing them even more in 2016. Brass or metal pipes will  give you a rustic look that will go a long way if you like the old fashioned, urban farmhouse style. If you are in the market for a unique piece, we’re sure the folks at Urban Farmhouse Designs can point you in the right direction. Whether it is finding a stand for your basin sink or a decorative piece that will complement your newly added metals, we encourage it all because we’re in love with this look as much as everyone else.


Green is good

Want to change it up a bit this time around by bringing nature indoors? Why not consider a wall of plants? You may not be able to utilize your outdoor shower year-round, but you can bring the outdoors to you by adding a vertical garden to your 2016 bathroom makeover. A creative alternative to potted plants leaves you with all the green you can handle while still giving you the ease and hassle-free maintenance of those same plants in a pot. Vertical gardens maximize limited space and enhance the visual appeal of a clean, white space, adding color to your room.


Keep It Hyper Local

Artisan is in… take a look around you and you’ll find handmade products for your bathroom everywhere. More often than not, these products are all locally produced. From bath mats, towels and tiles to bath soaps, local products can easily be found. Need ideas and inspiration or know exactly what you want? Try searching Instagram and you’ll no doubt find local products pop up, especially here in the OKC metro.


Flower Power

No longer a wallpaper faux pas, flowers are making their way back into bathroom designs for 2016. Begin by adding them to your towel selection or decorative pieces around the room. Big flowers, smaller flowers, it’s all coming back! If you’re looking for the real flower look, choose them right and they can play an integral part in your new trendy look.


Bathrooms don’t always get the love they should, simply because few see them outside of the home owners. Your bathroom deserves the care and attention you pay to the rest of your home.  It should be a personal sanctuary where you most likely start and end your day.  Create an inviting retreat with these 2016 trends and bookend your day in a room you were proud to create.








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