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5 Keys of Swoon Worthy She Sheds

December 1, 2015 2:40 pmc
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It’s December. The NBA season is a month in. The first College Football Playoff Rankings are almost final. We’re nearing the final push of the NFL season, hockey is back for our northern sports fans and NCAA basketball has begun. What better way to celebrate your fandom than with a Man Cave of your dream… wait, we’re talking about She Sheds; the room that we women have to our own, a retreat for some solitude when we need our space, where we can rock out, where we can enjoy martinis with our girlfriends, all while our husbands are drinking stouts in a Dallas Cowboys themed theater room.


She Sheds have evolved over time and have increased in popularity in recent years. No longer is it just a laundry room with a sewing machine and tomatoes full of pins; She Sheds have become a gender-specific sanctuary of peace where women are able to be  women and relax in the comforts and amenities that women need. When making the decision for your She Shed, consider what rules will be in effect when your shed is complete. Here are some examples, in fact, it is the only one you will need:

  1. My shed. My rules. Rule #1: Nobody but ME allowed

Once you have decided on what exactly you want out of your She Shed, or (wo)man cave, we can now begin to look at the 5 things to consider in your set-up.



If the point of having your She Shed is to have a quiet space to calm yourself after a hard day, work towards that goal when building or decorating your She Shed. If it is a place that will allow you to embrace a hobby or something important to you, gather everything you need for that hobby and take advantage of the set up you are creating. Create your space for a purpose: a calming, serene environment for relaxing or a well-organized creative work station complete with supplies necessary for your craft. Whatever you use your She Shed for, make sure it’s just for you.



Decorating your She Shed is the most fun you’ll have outside of spending time in said shed. Again, the purpose of your shed will be the number one contributing factor into how you decorate. If your space is your own personal yoga studio, maintain the simplistic nature with white walls and pops of color throughout from green plants (bamboo shoots and bonsai trees) creating your zen’d out space. Whether your shed will be for actual yoga or just an area where you drink wine in yoga pants is up to you, but serenity can be found in simplicity. If your shed will be home to your art studio, this should be easy, make your walls your canvas. We’ve seen a lot of sheds around the internet that are one-of-a-kind, and can inspire anyone to recreate these great rooms. Search flea markets and antique shops for unique pieces and scour the internet for something you like or that you may be able to customize to your liking and create your own one-of-a-kind She Shed.



The counterpart to our She Sheds, Man Caves don’t need organization, or maybe it’s just controlled chaos, but for your She Shed, you will want everything in place. If you’re going to use your shed as a work space, organization is going to be key. Peg boards, hooks, cabinets, shelves, etc., are all items that you will need to keep yourself sane from project to project.

One of the main reasons for a She Shed is designing a creative space. The ability to locate important items quickly will go far when trying to finish a tutu for a Halloween costume or new coffee cup storage. Having a clean and organized workspace decreases clutter, this ultimately will decrease the stress that comes with cleaning up. Getting organized is the first step in remaining organized. To do so, begin with compartmentalizing. Ensure there is a place for everything – pens, pencils, and scissors – and place items within reach only if they’re important to your project.  Cleanliness equals productivity. Your clean area spurs creativity.


Electricity and Ventilation

There isn’t anything sexy with these two must-haves; it’s quite simply a necessity. Even if you are creating a space to just hang out, access to electricity is often overlooked. If outlets aren’t where you need them for your work station or if an electric line isn’t ran to your outdoor area, you’ll need to call in a professional.  Ventilation is also another critical component of your She Shed. Things may get a little stuffy in your small space, so keeping cool is very important on those summer days in order to ensure success, inspiration and comfort in your solace.

She Sheds are in and aren’t going anywhere. Whether you are repurposing an actual shed out back or building from the ground up, you must consider all these options and include them in your planning process. She Sheds can be a tranquil space that one needs to get through the week. With the right approach, your very own gender-specific space can include everything a woman needs, just have your girlfriends bring the wine.

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