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8 Amazing Home Offices to Help Inspire Your Next Remodeling Project

December 8, 2014 4:46 pmc
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Your home office is an amazing opportunity to express yourself while boosting your productivity. It should reflect your personality and your tastes while also fostering creativity and efficiency.

We hope these eight incredible home offices will inspire you to take your office to the next level. If you need any help with your office remodel, give us a call at 405.973.5068. For more creative home office ideas, check out our Pinterest board!



This office space is perfect for those who love books and the great explorers of old. A wide collection of old books and other antiques look great in nearly any office.


space is key

Space is extremely important when it comes to your home office. It’s easy for things to get out of hand, so having a large amount of desk space to organize your things is really helpful.



On the other hand, maybe you just don’t have the space in your home or apartment of a full office. This closet office could be perfect for you. The small space forces you to get creative with your storage, while also encouraging you to live more simply.



It’s easy to get a little down when working for long periods of time in your office, no matter how nice it is. Incorporating the outside world is always beneficial. Taking a small break to admire nature outside or smell some flowers will make your work much more pleasant.



Minimalism is a huge trend right now. The idea is to evaluate the things your truly need and get rid of the rest. It can be really liberating if you don’t mind getting rid of some stuff.





There’s a wealth of information from numerous studies showing that sitting still for long periods of time is detrimental to your health. Physical activity has also been shown to improve brain functions and productivity. It’s not hard to set up a standing desk and/or install some exercise equipment to go with your desk. Your body and mind will thank you.



Lofts are very cool and are great ways to maximize limited space (assuming you have the ceiling for them).


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