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Adding a mudroom, a not-so-dirty job

October 16, 2015 3:31 pmc
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In the past, only those that lived in rural areas felt it necessary to have a mudroom or closet, but more and more people are discovering the charm a mudroom adds to their home with the bonus functionality it brings. This room acts as a barrier between the indoors and outdoors in your home. If you do happen to live in an area where you find yourself tracking in sand and dirt, the use of a mudroom will serve you well. Otherwise, a mudroom may act as an additional storage area for your shoes and outdoor clothing, or it may simply act as a reminder for animals and members of your household to keep your home as clean as possible. You can create a great mudroom in even the tiniest of locations… but if you’re in the market for an overhaul, we have some ideas to help elevate your entry.


Typically, mudrooms are found in northern, damp regions where someone might shed their work clothes, boots, or rain gear out of necessity, but even in Oklahoma, mudrooms are becoming standard in new home building. A mudroom for a household with exuberant children will look completely different than one in a home for just a couple. With this in mind, the first step is to determine what kind of mudroom your home needs. Storage space, look, feel, and functionality will all be determined by your usage of the space. If you have pets, your mudroom may be built with them in mind as well. Mudrooms can be informal in nature, since they are generally not the main entrance into the home.



The practicality of a mudroom comes down to its storage capability. Many use a mudroom to store seasonal clothes, decorations and gear otherwise thrown in the attic. Actual lockers have become wildly popular in recent years since they allow sports gear to be stored with the nostalgic look and feel of the old sport’s glory days. If you want lockers but are not necessarily in love with the Breakfast Club look, another option is to go for a more elegant style. Consider the country club look with wooden storage areas and benches with shoe cubbies. Open nooks and shelves give instant access to whatever is stored in a mudroom. Large baskets are great for containing a number of small items — sports equipment, school supplies, or winter gear.


Maximize a minimal amount of space with a few simple solutions. Inexpensive hooks can be found at any hardware or home and garden store, but how and where you install them will be equal to the look you desire. Wall hooks organize bags and jackets and using wall pegs is another way to organize everything in your space, whether it is large or small.

Mudrooms can be a huge space saver no matter the size of your home. Every season brings a different challenge to homeowners. Rain, hail, sleet, snow, mud, and sand can all wreak havoc, but with an added mudroom to your home, you’ll minimize the opportunity have them tracked throughout the house. You may want a mudroom out of necessity or because of the look and value it adds to your home, but either way, homeowners can benefit from the functionality mudrooms provide.

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