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A Complete Guide to Home Flooring Options

August 27, 2014 7:52 pmc
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When it comes to remodeling your floors, you have a ton of options. So many options, in fact, that it can be difficult to make a decision. This guide features some of the most common flooring options such as carpet, tile, and wood; but it also lists several less common floors that you may not have known were possible.

We are here to help you make your dream home a reality, and this blog post will hopefully give you a better idea of your flooring options. Ultimately, though, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!



Bamboo floorFor the earth-conscious consumer, bamboo floors are a great option. Bamboo is a grass that grows more quickly than trees but looks similar to hardwood. It also wears and feels much like hardwood and can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and styles. Bamboo floors are often stained, but you aren’t required to, especially if you prefer its naturally light tone.

Bamboo is easy to clean—just sweep or vacuum regularly with occasional mopping and it should stay clean. Bamboo is nice because you don’t have to seal it. Bamboo is also quite pet-friendly, in part because of how easy to clean it is. It’s not likely to scratch, nor is it prone to stains.



CarpetProbably the most common flooring material, carpet comes in a variety of styles and patterns. Available as full rolls or as tiles, carpet is an extremely versatile floor that can fit almost any situation.

Carpet can be more difficult to clean since it is more prone to stains. Most carpets also have a pad underneath which can make the spill even harder to clean. This can be especially true if the owner has pets, who often track mud in, not to mention their accidents if they’re not completely house-trained.

Carpet makes up for this negative by being one of the most cost-efficient options as well as probably the most comfortable. Many parents of small children prefer carpet in spite of the spills just because their kids enjoy playing of the floor so much.



Stained concreteStained concrete is an excellent option, especially if implemented during the construction of a new home. If the concrete slab was damaged at any time (by a freeze during construction, for instance), a stained concrete floor may not be a viable option.

Concrete floors are extremely easy to clean and wonderfully pet-friendly. There is also a huge range of colors and stains to choose from, so it is one of the most customizable options. Some homeowners have even created special designs or patterns in their concrete floor.

This flooring option also makes a lot of sense to people because it’s relatively simple and earth-friendly. You aren’t adding another layer to the floor—you’re just staining the layer that’s already there.



Cork floorA somewhat less common option, cork floors are gaining in popularity. Cork floors and warm and soft and are very versatile. Cork is somewhat more difficult to maintain, though, since it requires sealing. When it comes to durability, there is somewhat of a variance depending on the density of the cork.

Cork floors can be cleaned normally, and it is especially important to keep them clean since dirt can scratch the surface. Also, try to keep the floors fairly dry (bathrooms are not good rooms for cork floors). Pets are okay, but keep in mind their long claws can scratch the surface (but the soft material will minimize the sounds they make).



Glass floorThis may sound strange at first, but glass floors are actually making their way to people’s homes. What was once confined to fancy restaurants, hotels, and extremely old libraries is now becoming more popular with homeowners. Coming in clear or frosted varieties, these glass tiles can really make a room seem fancy.



Hardwood floorA tough yet beautiful floor, hardwood is an extremely popular option. Wood floors are extremely versatile and can often look better with age. Homeowners have a lot of options with hardwood including the size, wood species, stain, texture, and finish. As such, you can customize the floor to be exactly how you want it.

Hardwood floors are relatively easy to clean, and how pet-friendly they are depends on the person you ask. Some people want to keep their wood floors pristine and try to avoid pets’ claws scratching the floor. Others want a more rustic look and welcome the natural wear resulting from family pets.



Laminate floorA cost-effective, easy to clean floor, laminate can take on the look of nearly any other floor, often appearing as hardwood, stone, or tile. It’s fairly durable and resists stains, fading, and moisture. It is also relatively quick to install if you’re in a rush.

Your options are nearly limitless when it comes to laminate since there are so many shapes, textures, and finishes available to you. Laminate floors are extremely pet-friendly and fairly simple to clean.



Leather floorAnother surprise on this list, leather is considered an extreme luxury floor, reserved for the most high-end of studies or libraries in your home. Obviously, leather isn’t pet-friendly and is rather difficult to clean. As such, it isn’t the most practical flooring option.



Linoleum floorWhat was once considered outdated is now coming full circle back into prominence. Linoleum floors are extremely durable and feature a variety of colors. Available as sheets or tiles, your options for patterns and designs are numerous.

Linoleum is easy to clean, but you may have to reapply finish as necessary—most likely every few months to yearly. Linoleum is also very pet-friendly, resisting scratches and even allergens such as pet dander.


MetalMetal floor

If you want to keep it out of the landfill, consider recycling old scrap metal—aluminum, copper, brass—into a very unique floor. While this may sound strange, it’s not impossible to make a nice floor out of recycled metal.



Rubber floorMost commonly used in basement floors and outdoor areas, rubber gives you a lot of options. It is available as sheet rolls or tiles and comes in a variety of textures and finishes.



One of the most versatile and elegant options, tile floors are extremely popular. Tile floors can be customized to achieve any goal, from an antique farmhouse to an urban town home. Tile is most commonly manufactured from ceramic, porcelain, or stone, with stone being the most durable and ceramic being the least (and priced accordingly).

Tiles come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes as well as colors and patterns. With tile, you also have options regarding the grout (the adhesive filling the spaces in between the tiles, much like mortar does brick) and accents.

Tile floorTile is easy to clean, but you should remember that some spills can stain the grout, so make sure to clean them up quickly. Tile is also extraordinarily pet-friendly, but you pets may want some soft mats or beds for additional comfort.

One downside to tile is that it is fairly cold, which is great for the summer but can make for cold feet in the winter. Consider using rugs to warm up rooms and make the floor more inviting.



Vinyl floorPraised for its low-maintenance, vinyl is extremely durable and cost-efficient. It also allows for a wide variety of designs and looks, so you have a lot of options. It comes in sheets, tiles, and planks, each with different sizes and varieties.

Vinyl floors are easy to clean and great for pets. Moreover, modern printing techniques have made vinyl floors even better than the ones from several decades ago.

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