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Consider these fun and easy tips when renovating your kitchen

September 24, 2015 7:50 pmc
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Renovating your kitchen will add comfort, style and most importantly, value, to your home. There are many avenues that you can take to get to your dream kitchen and each one doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. To ease the stress of the transition into your new kitchen, consider the following when adding a new island, replacing your kitchen countertops or completely overhauling your kitchen to start anew.

Before even lifting a hammer, scour the internet. It will serve as your most valuable resource to determine what exactly you want out of your new kitchen. Sites like Pinterest and Better Homes and Gardens are great resources, but also check out local sites of both professional remodelers in your area and friends and family who may have upgraded their kitchen. Start an idea book that you can then take to a professional to get their advice and opinions. Think about how you use your current kitchen. Is it kid friendly for you and your children? Are you able to walk through the pathways and cooking zones without having to scoot by another person? You can have anything you want at this point, the sky is the limit.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your kitchen is to upgrade your appliances. Lowes and Home Depot are great places to visit in order to see what you may want. Don’t forget to check out the dents and scratched section. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll score a double-oven at a fraction of the price because of a hidden scratch. While searching, be sure to think green and seek out earth-friendly electricity and gas saving appliances. With the gadgets of today, anything is a possibility. Fish and Paykel offer cooking surface whose burners, when not in use, retract flush into the surface and with a push of the button, are back in place, ready for cooking. Functionality is important, yes, but what about aesthetics? Stainless steel is still very popular, but so are arrays of bright appliance hues. Add personality to your kitchen this time around with a little color. You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

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Deciding on countertops and cabinets can be stressful but our advice is to take it one cabinet knob at a time. Determine where you’ll want cabinets and what function they’ll serve. Consider storing the breakfast bowls near the breakfast table, pots and pans by the stove, even open cabinets are an option. After functionality is determined, decide whether you want painted cabinets or stained, and then pick a color palette. Play around with your options, grab a few handles and doorknobs, and test different paints and stains to find what you like. Leave it to the professional to measure, cut and install your cabinets but take charge of what you want. Same goes with your countertops. Granite is a popular choice and each piece is unlike any other, so you’ll always have a unique piece. However, there are other options available and some at a fraction of the price. Travertine silver laminate with a bullnose edge looks like the real deal, but at a more tolerable price. If money is not an option, take a look at copper countertops. Their surfaces are always changing with each spill or cleaning, adding different shades and hues to the piece over time.

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Set your kitchen apart from others by adding some creative elements to your backsplash. In most kitchens, backsplashes cover large areas, so why not make them as unique as the rest of your new space. Add color,   texture and different patterns to your back splash. Again, utilize your resources and visit popular sites on the internet. Contractors can help get what you want and can install it any way you would like. Travertine, slate, granite are all popular choices for your back splashes, but newer trends include glass tiles available in: sticks, mosaics, 4-inch x 12-inch and 12-inch x 12-inch squares.

Upgrading your kitchen should be a stress free and fun journey. You and your family may eat out a little more while your kitchen is being upgraded but it doesn’t have to be a difficult time. You know what your dream kitchen looks like. Be creative with your designs and let the contractors do all the leg work. You will love the way your new kitchen looks and functions when the project is completed.

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