Kitchen features made for holiday entertaining

Adding features that make your kitchen the talk of the party

This holiday season imagine yourself and your loved-ones gathering in your kitchen baking, chatting, celebrating the season. If that thought immediately leads you to obsess about space, storage, clutter and the like, you may be due to start planning your next kitchen remodel.

As guests descend on your home for Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas party, begin imagine your grand vision of the kitchen of your dreams. If you see a kitchen remodel in your future, consider the following ideas for creating the perfect kitchen made for ultimate holiday entertaining.

The island

Over the years we have seen kitchen center islands ebb and flow in popularity. The truth, however, is that a well-planned beautiful island is multifunctional, serving as a gathering space, a food prep station, serving area for buffet style dining, storage and more. Consider your available space and how you would use your island everyday as well as when you are hosting. Then determine what makes sense for you.

Practical floor plan

Of course not everybody has the luxury to start from scratch, but during any major kitchen upgrade think and rethink the floor plan. Does it feel right? Is it practical? Most importantly does your layout make sense when cooking or baking? Placement of key features like the oven, sink or refrigerator is important. You don’t want to walk through the entire kitchen to get an egg out of to the refrigerator. Also important when thinking about kitchen layouts is line of sight. Nothing is more frustrating than having a house full of guests you would love to mingle with but you are stuck in the kitchen cut off from all the fun. Can you see into the living room, or does your kitchen have a place to gather around? Be part of your party, not just the caterer.

Great lighting

When planning your new kitchen start thinking lighting early. You want a bright, functional lighting system for food prep, cleaning and for those occasions when your kitchen does double duty as your office and home command center, but when it is party time you want to be able to turn the same space into a warm, welcoming lighting scheme that make everybody feel right at home – with the flip of a switch.

Appliances made for entertaining

When it comes to kitchens for entertaining, a double range allows you to get all dishes on the table at the same time, while double oven will allow you to roast turkey and bake desert at the same time. Warming drawers and mini-refrigerators or a wine area take you from kitchen to entertaining headquarters. Many of us dream of a chef’s kitchen featuring all the bells and whistles, but in reality, you probably will do just as well picking out a few good quality appliances and arranging them in a way that works best for the size of your kitchen.

Point-of-service refrigerators and custom drink stations

Specialty coolers, such as wine fridge, give the host and guests better access to drinks while the host can work on putting the finishing touches on dinner. You could include a small refrigerator, ice drawer and mini-bar next or below some pretty shelving for glasses or cups. Having a coffee station allows your friends and family to help themselves to a hot cup of coffee. After the holidays are over it is still lovely to have a great coffee bar right at home that makes you feel like you have an in-house barista.

From a casual family dinner to holiday parties, the kitchen is the ideal place for all your guests to gather. A remodel can turn your kitchen into the “heart of the home,” as it is meant to be.