Remodeling and Home Construction Trends 2017 What you need know if you are planning a big project this year

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With more than 30 years in the construction business, we have seen our share of trends and innovations in home remodeling. Some are here to stay, others won’t. But they are always fun to watch. Here are a few of 2017’s trends to keep and eye out if you are planning a big project in the near future.


Technology/smart homes become more mainstream


For several years now technology has been a major trend in construction – no matter if you retrofit your home with new technology or integrate technology into new projects. As many of these technologies have now matured, more and more homeowners want to make them part of their projects. From smart thermostats that save you hundreds of dollars in energy cost to systems that control every aspect of your home, technology is in demand.


So what’s new? The devices are becoming more sophisticated functionally as well as aesthetically. Home technology is blending in better with your design and decor. In 2017, we will see more décor friendly tech, as devices are not only getting smarter, but also more attractive.


We will also see more comprehensive controls that will allow us to adjust lighting, heating and air, security features and more from your phone, the family iPad or via integrated touch panels in the home. Those systems do everything but walk your dog. And speaking of all in one: Security systems that lock your doors, integrate video surveillance, and offer alarm options will become part of our homes.


Tornado shelters


Oklahomans have seen their share of tragedies from tornadoes. More and more people are now integrating safe rooms or tornado rooms into their new construction from the start. Thanks to grants and community programs, tornado shelters have become one of the most frequently requested additions to a home.


Some people retrofit their home with shelters, others build safe room/panic room combos. Adding this piece of safety for your family has become so popular that tornado shelters have become staples on wedding registries all throughout tornado alley.


Green building


Green building currently accounts for almost one-third of the total residential market. More and more people like to integrate environmentally friendly and energy saving materials and technologies into their projects.


When it comes to green building, innovations range from aspects of the building process such as conserving electricity and reducing building waste to replacing traditional materials with healthy, environmentally friendly alternatives. Other areas where people go green is by implementing home technology systems that will help keep the home energy-efficient and keep you healthy once you move in.


Interiors: Naturals such as marble, granite, exquisite wood floors, rich color


Of course we can’t talk construction trends without discussing some design trends. People are returning to some of the exquisite natural materials that give homes instantly an upscale feel.


Light and gray marble is one of 2017’s biggest design trends, and is a gorgeous and timeless choice for countertops, tabletops and floors.


Naturals are still big for flooring. While marble tiles and natural stone floors make a return, rich wood flooring continues to be big. What’s new in wood flooring is that designers become more creative with colors and patterns. A quality wood floor elevates any home and they are much easier to care for than you would think with new materials and products assisting in protecting and preserving wood.


For years neutrals such as beiges and greys were popular for interior décor and paint color (and truly you can’t go wrong with them), but bold rich colors are making a comeback. Jewel tones, berries and wine tones as accent colors or as a color-scheme for statements rooms are big in 2017.


Outdoor living spaces


One of the most popular home update or remodel are outdoor spaces. These backyard oases are much more involved than what you would consider “landscaping.” From creating space for outdoor seating complete with mounted TVs to chef-style outdoor cooking areas with upscale appliances, people are bringing the indoors out.


Yes, outdoor living spaces such as launch areas and outdoor kitchens are becoming almost as sophisticated as interior living spaces. They are well planned and people invest good-sized budgets into creating the outdoor spaces that are the envy of the neighborhood. Especially people whose children are out of the house maximize their outdoor spaces transforming them from boring backyards to the perfect oasis of relaxation and functionality.




As Oklahoma City is growing, people are rediscovering some of the older neighborhoods and breathe new life into some of the older homes. Likewise, many people love their existing homes, but simply want to update. Remodeling is going strong in this market.


People are making a commitment to invest in their existing homes.


Moreover, strong gains in home renovation and repair spending are expected to continue into 2017, according to the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University. Experts predict that annual growth in home improvement and repair expenditures will continue to increase, surpassing 8 percent by the second quarter of 2017 before slowing down a bit later this year.


People will build


Nobody has a crystal ball, but industry experts predict that people will build in 2017. Even though the economy in Oklahoma was a little shook up by the downturn in the oil and gas industry, other signs point to a positive outlook.


Even the recently announced increase interest rates is expected not to bring the housing market to a halt, experts say.


Furthermore, Dodge Data & Analytics, a leader in construction industry forecasting and business planning, released its 2017 Dodge Construction Outlook in October predicting that total U.S. construction starts for 2017 will advance 5 percent to $713 billion, following gains of 11 percent in 2015 and an estimated 1 percent in 2016.


Single-family housing will rise 12 percent in dollars, corresponding to a 9 percent increase in units to 795,000 (Dodge basis). Experts predict that some of the caution by potential homebuyers will ease with continued employment growth and low mortgage rates. Also, older members of the millennial generation are now moving their 30s, which is expected to lift demand for single family housing – new or existing.


2017 is the year to invest in your home, build or remodel.



What does 2017 have in store for you?


These are our 2017 trends and predictions. If you need help bringing your home vision to live, if you are planning on remodeling in 2017, please call us. With decades of experience remodeling in Oklahoma, we are here to help.


From small updates to major projects, Majestic is the professional contractor you can trust. Call (405) 973-5068.


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