Three summer time projects that up your home’s curb appeal

Summers are for fun in the sun and relaxation. But it is also a great time to spruce up your home. You don’t need to plan a major renovation project to get the benefits. Here are a number of construction projects that give your home an instant facelift without that won’t require a major time commitment, or break the bank.

New siding or paint

Many people neglect their siding until weather and wear have taken a toll. However, putting on new siding or applying a fresh coat of paint can make a huge statement. Not only does new siding or paint help protect your home, but it’s also an opportunity to update the color and texture of your home’s exterior. Whatever you chose to do make sure your color or new siding fits with the architecture and style of the home. While picking your new siding, also consider addressing your front door and garage doors. You don’t want colors to clash. Also know that brand-new siding may make flaws such as a dated front entrance, worn windows or banged up garage doors much more obvious.

New windows

Windows provide light, but are also a vital architectural detail. Updating or adding new windows can provide your home with an all-new look. Ever consider a bay window or French doors? These additions can give your home an airy, more open feel. Upgrading old windows with new, energy-efficient models is also a great way to cut down on energy bills. And there is no better time for a window makeover than during the summer.

Landscape makeover

Updating your landscaping makes a big impact instantly. The plants surrounding your home can define its style. Like a fresh coat of paint, purposeful landscaping enhances your home’s best qualities. If you don’t have a green thumb, you don’t have to turn into a gardener to upgrade your home’s exterior. New light fixtures, great new patio furniture, or a gazebo can make a statement.

While these projects can be wrapped up fairly quickly, just remember the best projects results are achieved when planned carefully – no matter what time of the year. Solidify well ideas before the actual work begins. Work with a contractor that you trust and make sure both of you share the same vision for the project. The best time for home remodel or construction projects is always when a project has been thoroughly planned out.