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(Wo)Man Caves for Sports Fans

May 22, 2014 7:40 pmc
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Right now, it’s basketball season in Oklahoma. We are in the middle of the Western Conference Finals and are cheering on our Oklahoma City Thunder. Basketball is a long season: 82 games in the regular season, which spans all the way from October to April. If you add in the playoffs, games run all the way into June. And that’s just basketball. You still have baseball (162) games, football (16 games), hockey (82 games) and any other sport that you might want to watch. Sports never quit! That’s where the (wo)man cave comes in – hey, we’re not selective. We know plenty of female sports fanatics. Sometimes you just need a place to relax and watch the game that isn’t your living room. Depending on your situation, you could have kids or roommates running in and out of the room, or, even worse, using the TV during game time. The (wo)man cave is going to be your sanctuary for all those times you want to watch the game in peace. Here is one that we did for a client:

Majestic Construction Man Cave

This is simple and modern. The idea was to just make a quiet, livable space that can neatly house multiple televisions, because sometimes one game isn’t enough. We love this space because it’s so clean, easy and practical. Unless you have a basement or attic space that you want converted, this is the best (and most realistic) way to turn an extra room in your house into your own personal paradise. But for fun, let’s go ahead and look at a few other (wo)man caves that would be suitable for sports fans.


man cave for basketball fans

This is less of a (wo)man cave and more of a really open and well-designed living room (or possible lobby). What we do love about this space, though, is that massive wall of TVs, the arena-like hardwood, and the basketball goal waiting to be used. I can’t help but think that this has to be a great room to perform trick shots in.


man cave for baseball fans

I’ve seen a lot of good baseball-themed (wo)man caves, but a lot of them are heavy on memorabilia. That’s cool in its own right, but when you’re relaxing and watching the games, you want to feel like you’re at home, not at Cooperstown. The bar is a great addition to this space, but what I find really cool is the up-to-date score ticker above all the TVs!


man cave for football fans

man cave for football fans

I had to add two pictures of this football-themed man cave because one picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s got memorabilia, a foosball table, a pool table, nice track lighting, what appears to be a bar (or it might just be bar stools for extra seating), six total TVs (including one big projection screen), actual stadium seats (next to the foosball table), and custom-embroidered leather stadium seats that rotate! Did I mention that the whole room is astroturf? It doesn’t get much cooler than this.


Oh wait, just kidding .It just got way cooler (you know, because it’s hockey and they play on ice). But seriously, check out these two hockey-themed (wo)man caves.

man cave for hockey fans

man caves for hockey fans

I want to live where the first one is. Everything about it is so nice: the custom built-in big screen, the nice floors, the mood lighting, the furniture, the pool table, and the MASSIVE SCOREBOARD. So cool. The second one isn’t as big, but the creativity and detail are out of this world. Where else are you going to find a customized, pseudo-hockey rink to watch the game in? Great job.

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